Mariam Issa

We are delighted to announce Mariam Issa will be our keynote speaker on the first day of the conference.

Mariam is a passionate speaker, author, storyteller and community builder. Through her powerful stories she has inspired countless women to achieve their fullest potential.

Mariam is the distinguished author of the book, A Resilient Life, a story of resilience in the face of hardship and the spirit of determination, optimism, and understanding of all that makes us human.

Mariam’s life story is extraordinary and her speeches have been described as moving and powerful, beautiful and inspiring, with a rare ability to share her values and ideals with an audience. We look forward to hearing from Mariam.

Learn more about Mariam here.


QCOSS (Queensland Council of Social Service) is Queensland's peak body for the social service sector. We believe that every person in Queensland - regardless of where they come from, who they pray to, their gender, who they love, how or where thhy live - deserves to live a life of equality, opportunity and wellbeing. We are a conduit for change. We bring people together to help solve the big social issues faced by people in Queensland, building strength in numbers to amplify our voice.

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