Day one – Thursday 12 September

9:30amOpening plenary session
Introduction and welcome
Kim Skubris, MC
Welcome to Country
Kerry Neill is a Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi man from the Sunshine Coast
region in South East Queensland.
Leading change together
Mark Henley will give context to the conference and why leading
together is so important for social change and why this is a key plank
of the work QCOSS is doing.
Keynote address – Mariam Issa
Speaker, Author, Storyteller, Community Builder. Mariam Issa will
deliver the conference keynote address. Mariam passionately believes all we need in overcoming adversity is a stretch of the imagination.
11:00am Morning tea
11:30am – Plenary session
Self-determination for our First Nations People
A panel discussion about the Uluru Statement from the Heart and
where to from here, with Chris Sarra, Department of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Partnerships; Jackie Huggins, National Congress of Australia’s First Nation Peoples; Eddie Synot, Griffith University.
12:45pm – Lunch
1:30pmConcurrent session
Rebooting the system – measuring the success of change
How do we measure the impact of systems change to support
outcomes for people? Allan Dale, The Cairns Institute, James Cook
University; Geoff Woolcock, Institute for Resilient Regions, University
of Southern Queensland; Tim Reddel, Institute of Social Science,
University of Queensland.
Being in service – impacts of a rights-based framework
With the introduction of the Human Rights Act in Queensland, a panel explores the impacts of a rights-based framework for the community
service sector. Scott McDougall, Queensland Human Rights
Commissioner; David Moody, National Disability Services;
Simone Jackson, Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Partnerships; and a representative of the Human Rights Law Centre
will share their expectations and experiences.
Starting a revolution – including the voices of people with lived
experience in our work
People’s stories are critical to successful campaigns and in the design of services. How can we do this well and respectfully? Kym Goodes, TasCOSS; Jayden Oxton-White, Anti-Poverty Network; Kay Thorburn,
Maria Whatley, Life Without Barriers; David Spriggs, Infoxchange.
2:45pm Afternoon tea
3:15pm – Concurrent session
Rebooting the system – advocating successfully for change
To reboot the system we need to understand how to advocate
successfully for change.  This will be a quick and dirty 90 minute trip
into the world of advocacy – leave with tools, ideas and a better understanding of the process of using advocacy to make real change.
Caterina Giorgi, Managing Director of For Purpose will take you
through the key points of advocacy in an informative, interesting and entertaining session.
Being in service – transitioning services to community controlled organisations
How can we support First Nations people and organisations to lead
and guide service delivery in their communities? Mick Gooda,
Co-chair Queensland First Children and Families Board; and others to
be confirmed.
Starting a revolution – the real deal on community change
Community change can take many forms. So what can successful
community change look like and how do you achieve it in your own
community? This panel will speak from experience about their
community change process, what they have learned along the way,
what they would do differently next time and what can occur in the
future. Sean Gordon, Empowered Communities; Clare O’Connor,
Director-General, Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors ; Danielle Roderick, The Hive Mt Druitt.
4:45pm – End of day one conference program
6:00pm QCOSS 60th Anniversary Dinner
Kim Skubris will host this evening of celebration which will include a
conversation with Dame Quentin Bryce.
Welcome to Country
Lyndon Davis is a Traditional Custodian and representative of the
Local Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi people. In 1997 he founded the Gubbi
Gubbi Dance Troupe.

Day two – Friday 13 September
8:30am – Networking and coffee in exhibition area
9:30am – Opening plenary session
Day 2 is a day of hope. 
A day of working together, to inspire each other, to make change
happen.  A key part of making change is believing it is possible.
Through Changing Lives, Changing Communities, QCOSS, QDN and the Human Rights Commission have been working together in 12
communities around the state to inspire action for change.  We are
not alone.  Other groups and other people across the county have
been doing the same.   

We will start the day working together to explore how we can build
on this work.  From this session we will build our confidence and a
sense of comradery in taking action to lead social change together.  
We will be asking all of you to bring your wisdom and contribute – it
is an opportunity to share, to learn and create.  We will then be
hearing from a range of speakers who will leave us inspired for a
better world.   

We will all leave the 2019 QCOSS conference, filled with hope and 
inspired and ready to lead change together. 
10:30am Morning tea
11:00am – Plenary session
We will continue to build our confidence and a sense of comradery in
taking action to lead social change together. 
12:30pm – Lunch
1:15pm – Plenary session
Looking towards the future
What are the critical considerations for social change we should think about as we move forward? What does the future hold for First
Nations People? and How do we re imagine the future and make that
imagining a reality? This will be an inspiring and fitting end to the
conference as this panel explores what the future may look like and
how we each have a role to play in making that happen.
David Ritter, Greenpeace Australia Pacific; Dr Marcus Bussey,
University of Southern Queensland; Rob Carolane, Voices for Indi.
Conference wrap-up and special keynote speaker
3:00pm – Conference close